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Addressing Poverty in the Greater San Diego Community

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The Caring Council is a voluntary organization dedicated to building and supporting a movement focused on changing the structures, conditions,  and systems that create and maintain poverty.

    What is the Caring Council

The Caring Council is a voluntary association of individuals concerned with the practices that affect hunger, affordable housing, health care, education and the increasing number of people living in San Diego County.  For more, see About Us.

     Current Project

Updated March 2011, See Latest Update.

Increase participation of eligible persons in the Food Stamp program (now officially CalFresh in California).

Building Support for Economic Justice is our challenge. The Caring Council and Supportive Parents Information Network (SPIN) are working through the Social Services Advisory Board to get changes based on 69 recommendations made in November 2010 to get more eligible persons actually receiving CalFresh.

   Hunger Report based on interviews with 180 persons in deep poverty in San
         Diego County

USDA Report The US Department of Agriculture, Western Region report
   The Poverty Trap:  A Critical Look at How We Define the Causes of Poverty
   Ruby Payne Critique: A critique of the author of training selected for use by
           Health and Human Services Agency of San Diego County
   SPIN Response to CAO Plan: Supportive Parents Information Network (SPIN)
           and Caring Council response to the Chief Administrative Officer's plan to
           address the Social Service Advisory Board Work Group Recommendations


What you can do?

  • Meet with the Caring Council on 2nd Mondays, 9 a.m. at Springfield College 5350
      University Avenue, San Diego
    --Contact Us for more information.
  • See  You Can Help  for more information

     Who is your county supervisor?  Link to San Diego County Board of Supervisors